The Quest Book


It is rumored that in a plane of shadows, the minions of the Chaoslord
have saved him from his banishment and that the shadows are now creeping
across the realm.

There is but one who has faced this menacing being, and lived. Only he
can help you. But behold, insanity has struck the shaman and sent him
into eternal darkness. The legend continues, saying one must pass through
a path of great darkness if one wishes to ever find him.

The legend also mentions that due to the effects of his chaotic experience
he rambles nonsense. However, if you politely ask for help with the quest
then he may still be able to provide you with information.

Then again, it is only a rumor.

Besides, who dares seek this dark being in a land of dead, where the
great mountains within the mist are visible, yet not connected.
You? Then go...and may the darkness not consume you!

Combat: Yes
Level: High (Lord+)
Complexity: Complex