General Information
Combat Experience
Quest Experience
Armour & Weapons
The Guilds

Areas to Visit
The Jungle near the Shaolin
The Forests and Fields of Bazzinia
The Edmond's Field poultryfarm.
The Frozen Wasteland near Bloodwych
The Realms of Lady Galadriel
The northern part of the desert and the steppe
Hercyna Forest
Hercyna's Fairy Glen
The happy hunting grounds
The Caverns of Ice
Joten Kindergarden
The Newbie Play Forest
Kurly's hunting grounds
The Island of Lesumnon
The sewers of Everlund
The Elemental Grove
Stonecoast forest
The Token Forest
The Trappers
The Slums of Tyr
Newbieland in Valhall
Vlandore gardens and forests
Welcome to realm of the Midnight Sun!

In this book are some things to help you understand the life around here, most things can be found in the help files too. Just type 'help' and then you can do 'help ' e.g.: 'help command' or 'help guilds'. If you have any comment on this book or if you miss something in it, please use the command 'bookidea ' and I'll consider to implement your idea in future editions of the newbie book.

You are still a puny guy/girl but obviously you can grow here too. Growing is actually getting stronger, more agile, smarter, more healthy, wiser and more charismatic. These skills are all necessary to become famous and successful here. (more details about the stats on page 5) To do this you have to gain experience, that is what it's all about. To gain experience you can do two things: you can kill monsters or you can try to solve one (or more) of the available quests. You should read page 3&4 for more information about experience.

Socializing is a very important part here too. It wouldn't be any fun playing completely alone, would it? To start a conversation or just to ask something you can use say or tell. If you 'tell' something to a player, he/she will get the message regardless of where he/she is. With 'say' (or a ') you can only get in touch with people in the same room. Type: 'help feelings' for other means of communication.

How do I get started?
You should have some kind of equipment to start killing your first monsters. (Your hands aren't that sharp :) You could just buy some equipment (if only you had some money) or you could try to find some stuff. (read page 6!)

Where do I go?
To the newbie areas. Yes, whether you like it or not: you are a newbie! The way to most of the newbie areas are listed in this book. Read the pages 10 to 28.

There are various rules that we impose in order to keep a sense of fairness and friendliness in the mud. If you are uncertain if a certain behaviour is appropriate please consult the rules, 'help rules'.

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