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Combat Experience
Quest Experience
Armour & Weapons
The Guilds

Areas to Visit
The Jungle near the Shaolin
The Forests and Fields of Bazzinia
The Edmond's Field poultryfarm.
The Frozen Wasteland near Bloodwych
The Realms of Lady Galadriel
The northern part of the desert and the steppe
Hercyna Forest
Hercyna's Fairy Glen
The happy hunting grounds
The Caverns of Ice
Joten Kindergarden
The Newbie Play Forest
Kurly's hunting grounds
The Island of Lesumnon
The sewers of Everlund
The Elemental Grove
Stonecoast forest
The Token Forest
The Trappers
The Slums of Tyr
Newbieland in Valhall
Vlandore gardens and forests
Welcome to realm of the Midnight Sun!

So you've joined the world of Midnight Sun and are wondering what to do. Consider this a guidebook for everything you need to know to get your bearings and start adventuring. Most subjects you might want to know about can be found using 'help' and then what you would like help with such as 'help guilds' or 'help rules'

You start small in Midnight Sun. Unlike many RPGs, your stats all begin at 1 and the primary means of advancement is raising those stats. You'll be a supra-genius, or mighty in no time.

There are two methods of gaining experience in Midnight Sun, the first is combat (see page 3) and the second is completing any of our many quests (see page 4)

After being around for so many years, a large part of the community in Midnight Sun is the social aspect. There's essentially no roleplaying in our game, though nobody will mind if you want to, and will probably be happy to play along, so every channel is an out-of-character channel.

There's more information about chat later in the book (see page 7) but for now, what you'll want to know is that your four main modes of chat will be 'say' which is visible to everybody in the room with you, 'chat' which is a global channel all players can see, 'tell' which is a direct message to another player but will use some mental points, and 'novice' which is a channel visible to new players, and older veteran helper players.

How do I get started?
The best way to get started is just to introduce yourself on the 'chat' or 'novice' channel. We're very friendly and love to help new players get started with equipment, suggestions, and answers to questions.

You'll definitely want to look at information about the guilds right away and think about which one you might like to join. Having access to guild powers, guild storage areas, and guildmates who can give you specific help on good places to hunt, and which stats to raise will make the early game much more enjoyable. For more on guilds (see page 8).

Where do I go?
Most of this book is dedicated to descriptions of the areas where it is safe for new players to adventure. Well, where it's MOSTLY safe, you are still going to be engaging in life-or-death combat even if it's with a hedgehog at first. Everything from page 10 onwards is area information.

There are various rules that we impose in order to keep a sense of fairness and friendliness in the mud. If you are uncertain if a certain behaviour is appropriate please consult the rules, 'help rules'.

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